What the hell was that finale?

I don't even know what to say right now.

So I finally finished season 5. I truly can't believe they did all that.

I feel like this is the jumping the shark moment. I don't particularly hate the show (at all, in fact), but I really wish this was... better.
I hate to be that guy about it, but Mala is such a one dimensional character to me? They did something with Heather at least but they really, really don't know how to write women. Astrid included. She's gradually being girlfriend-ified...
It's disappointing but I'm still getting through it.
In better news, my boyfriend bought me another Toothless Build a Bear friend! This one is used without a tag and his fur is a bit less... defined... but I've delegated him to being a Friend of the Fort (to be specific, a plush that lives in my pillow fort/bed. It's a whole thing.) I love him very much but I think I want to get a mint one with the tag too. I'm awful. Aside from that, I'm desperately seeking an iridescent special edition Toothless BaB friend with tags. It's not an easy search!!! Other than those, I need the other dragons but mostly the Light Fury and Nightlights...